About Me


                      Asreen Rostami


I am a PhD candidate in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), under supervision of Dr. Jakob Tholander and Dr. Chiara Rossitto within the ACT in Communication with Technology (ACT) group at the University of Stockholm, Department of Computer and System Sciences (DSV).

My research focuses on Mixed-Reality Performances and how interactive technologies can be designed for interactive performance, audience participation as well as performers interaction. My current research looks at immersive theatre, audience interaction in traditional and interactive settings, performers interaction and breaking the forth wall, location based performances and embodied interaction with respect to technology such as VR, IoT, Bio-Data and mobile interface.

I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science with focus on Social Media and Web Technologies from Linnaeus University, Sweden. My thesis was part of an ICT for Development project on designing interactive mobile services to promote civic participation in Northern Uganda. I completed my Bachelor on Computer Science (Software Technology major) from Azad University, Iran.